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Meet Mr. James Bint,
a man with a license to fry!

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Yes, we call them #BelgianFries

Welcome to the James Bint site. Belgian fries are a feast for all Belgians, young and old, and it is an honour for me to spread the word worldwide. You can find me everywhere, from London to Milan and from Beijing to Brussels. Follow me online and offline, but don't forget: “EAT BELGIAN FRIES”"



The figure par excellence to represent “Belgian fries” as a whole. James Bint is almost literally the sign of the potato sector; a worthy ambassador of our bars of gold.


A Belgian city, town or even village will often have more than one chip shop, thus making its contribution to the authentic Belgian culture of fries. Since the beginning of this year, the Belgian chip shop culture has even been recognised as intangible cultural heritage.


The taste and smell of Belgian fries is unique, as are the chip shops in which they are fried. Belgium has the professional skill to fry the best fries. Fries are programmed in our DNA!

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James Bint, from London to Milano

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