South-East Asia

Together with VLAM and APAQ-W and with the support of the European Commission, the ‘Belgian fries, from the heart of Europe’ campaign was launched in 2017. Thanks to participation in trade fairs and various other activities, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand are also being introduced to James Bint and real Belgian fries. ‘Belgian fries’ have received ample attention in the national and social media in these countries.

The Belgian embassies in these countries are now also equipped with an authentic Belgian “frietkot” [chip shop] to grace festivities and events with the best of what Belgium has to offer. Fries master Eddy Cooremans even teaches them how to fry fries correctly (#EddieExplains on YouTube). And James Bint has taken the step to a live version, even if he continues to communicate using his unique speech bubbles.

More info on: and Facebook: “Belgian Fries Asia”, “Belgian fries Indonesia”, “Belgian fries Thailand”.

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