Hello, my name is Bint, JAMES BINT...
with a license to fry!

His Royal Highness Laurent, Prince of Belgium appointed James Bint as the ambassador of the Belgian fries shop culture abroad.

The frietkot (fries shop) culture has been recognised as intangible culture heritage by the Flemish and German speaking Community of Belgium, the Federation Wallonie-Bruxelles and the Brussels Capital Region.

At an official event, in presence of the Ministers of culture and agriculture of these regions, held at the Atomium in Brussels on 20th of July 2017, His Royal Highness Prince Laurent  of Belgium has appointed Mr. James Bint as the Ambassador of the real Belgian fries abroad.

I’m proud to be the ambassador for real Belgian fries. After all, there is no other country in the world where these golden, fried sticks of potato are as much a part of popular culture as they are in Belgium.

As you probably know, three languages (Dutch, French and German) are spoken in this little country around the European capital of Brussels, but the language of the crunchy fry is the same everywhere. It is no coincidence that the whole of Belgium is in the process of having the ‘Belgian chip shop culture’ recognised as ‘intangible cultural heritage’. Nowhere else do fries bring people of every class closer together than in this country with its 11 million inhabitants.

What’s more, the flavour of the fries is determined by the variety of potato (Bintje remains extremely popular, but there are other varieties that offer a different size, colour or taste), the way they are fried (vegetable oil or lard) and of course the wide selection of accompanying sauces also offers a lot of variation.

Belgian fries are a delight to all Belgians, young or old, and it is an honour for me to spread the word all over the world. Belgium is already the largest exporter of frozen fries in the world. 

After a referendum, the Belgians have opted to share their secret with all the citizens of the world.

To safeguard Belgian fries for generations to come, a sustainability project was elaborated under the name of ‘together for sustainable growth’. 

I, James Bint, will ensure that this delicious product from the country of the fry will be a delight all over the world in the next few years. ‘Bon appetit!’

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The figure par excellence to represent “Belgian fries” as a whole. James Bint is almost literally the sign of the potato sector; a worthy ambassador of our bars of gold.


A Belgian city, town or even village will often have more than one chip shop, thus making its contribution to the authentic Belgian culture of fries. Since the beginning of this year, the Belgian chip shop culture has even been recognised as intangible cultural heritage.


The taste and smell of Belgian fries is unique, as are the chip shops in which they are fried. Belgium has the professional skill to fry the best fries. Fries are programmed in our DNA!

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